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 NUSSC racers vs. ESF

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PostSubject: NUSSC racers vs. ESF   Sun Jan 13, 2008 11:06 am

Last week in Val Thorens, a select team of NUSSC racers took on the might of the VT ESF 5-a-side team, captained by our instructor Laurent (who bore an uncanny resemblance to Frank Lampard). More worrying still, playing 90 minutes of 5-a-side at an altitude of over 2000m meant that fitness would be crucial, unfortunately not a particularly strong point for our team.

After a good opening few minutes, with a few goals from either side, the ESF were only 5-3 up, but the fitness (or lack of, was beginning to tell). Dan was looking promising, taking the ball around most of the other team, only to inevitably lose it or cross into empty space. Simon was all over the touchline warmup routines, but unfortunately that was enough that he didn't have any energy left for the actual game. Despite looking decidedly casual, Rusty managed to break down the wing a couple of times, but unfortunately these were few and far between. Louis was sporting a French Renault top and used this as a cunning disguise to sneak through to put a few goals in, but top scorer was Joel, completing his hat-trick.

As the game wore on, it became increasingly one sided as player after player dropped from exhaustion (or Matt being kicked in the groin) and asked to be substituted. As we fell further and further behind, the support of the NUSSC cheerleaders was drowned out more and more by the heckling from the local French kids. Late on, we made a suprise substitution when Davor Sukur appeared and asked to join the game, but his only goal was more down to the opposition keeper being distracted by his man-boobs, rather than flair and skill; Marc proving to be a better ringer. A last goal from Laurent, hitting the outstreched keeper and the post along the way, marked the final whistle and sealed a crushing defeat.

Final Score: NUSSC racers 8ish - VT ESF 20something

NUSSC team: Dan Wyatt, Matt Bruton, James Russell, Simon Crisp, Marc Telling, Joel Badger, Jonathan Powell (GK), Louis Cozon

Anyone else please add your comments/thoughts! Highlights from the game will be on the Christmas video, stay tuned for more...

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NUSSC racers vs. ESF
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